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Soap Ingredients & Information

In the European Union, soap makers are legally required to list the ingredients of their products on the relevant label. Below, we have listed those INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names with their equivalent in normal language. 

When making soap, sodium or potassium hydroxide is mixed with water to make lye,which is then added to selcted oils. When the oils and lye have mixed together enough, they are converted into soap. This is called 'saponification', and oils that have been used to make soap have been saponified. Their new INCI name is prefixed either with Sodium or Potassium, depending on which hydroxide has been used.

Once the oils have been saponified, there is no lye left in the mixture - it has been chemically changed, together with the oils, into saponified oils.

This is not an exhaustive list of saponified oils, and will be updated when we use other oils. There are many oils and additives which do not saponify (chemically react with the lye). They are added to the soap for fragrance, colour or texture. They have been added to the list below for your information.


Sodium olivate  Saponified olive oil
Sodium cocoate  Saponified coconut oil
Sodium shea butterate  Saponified shea butter
Glycerin  Glycerine*
Sodium castorate  Saponified castor oil
Sodium almondate  Saponified sweet almond oil
Sodium avocadate  Saponified avocado oil
Sodium apricot kernelate  Saponified apricot kernel oil
 Sodium babassate  Babassu oil
 Sodium grapeseedate  Saponified grapeseed oil
 Sodium mango butterate  Saponified mango butter
Panthenol  Pro-Vitamin B5**
 Sodium sunflowerate  Saponified sunflower oil
Titanium dioxide (CI 77891)  Titanium dioxide -  White Colourant 
Cinnamomom zeylanicum  Ground cinnamon
Eugenia caryophyllus  Ground cloves
Laurus nobilis  Ground bay leaves
Zingiber officinal  Ground ginger
Myristica fragrans  Ground nutmeg
Mica  Mica - Colourant
Parfum   Fragrance oil


* Glycerine occurs naturally in handcrafted soap due to the chemical reations of the ingredients. Commercial soap manufacturers often remove this from their soap, and sell it separately.
** Panthenol is also called Pro-Vitamin B5. It's molecule is small enough to penetrate the hair strand. It makes hair shinier and softer, and helps to reduce static.  It also helps to hydrate the skin and scalp, improving softness and elasticity.